***Updated*** January Third Thursday - Harvard's Tradition of Oppressing Controversial Speech

Join us for another session of our invigorating dinner-and-discussion series. Our featured speaker will be Adam Kissel, Vice President of Programs at FIRE, who will give a talk on Harvard's Tradition of Oppressing Controversial Speech.

Join the HRCP on Thursday, January 19th at Aqua for a talk and sure-to-be lively discussion on the following topic:

Harvard's Tradition of Oppressing Controversial Speech

Last month, Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted to fire a controversial Indian politician who had been teaching uncontroversial economics courses, due to his publication of his political opinions about how to handle terrorism in India. A few months earlier, the dean of the College had instituted a Freshman Pledge stating that "kindness" was "on a par with intellectual attainment," pressuring students to publicly pledge to official Harvard College values. In 2010, the dean of the law school asserted that as a "social justice" law school, HLS ruled certain ideas automatically out of bounds. What has happened to free speech and freedom of conscience at Harvard?

Adam's bio can be found here.


January Third Thursday Dinner Discussion
Thursday, January 19th at 6:45 PM
Aqua - Mayasian Thai (Website)
705 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Tickets include a three course meal.  A cash bar will be available. 

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