Become an Interviewer


September 2020


Hello Everybody!

As you might expect, the Admissions Office has a challenge in selecting the members of every Harvard Class. I cannot overstate the value of Alumni interviews in fleshing out each student's application. The Admissions Office truly studies your reports and appreciates the thoughtful insights that you provide.


We will soon receive Early Action applicants from the Admission Office at Harvard that need to be assigned for interviews. If you are able and interested please fill out the Interviewer Form (click here to download) and send it back to me before September 30th. The Admissions Office will then contact you directly to complete a very brief online form and you will then appear in our database in a few days.

If you have already registered directly with the Admissions Office in Cambridge, please still complete and return the form as it will help me immensely making good matches geographically of applicant and interviewer (at least as much as possible).


For those veteran interviewers - THANK YOU! Your work is so important and I am sure you have enjoyed being a representative in the community of our fair college. If you would like to try it out for the first time, WELCOME! 


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at


Warmest best wishes,

Tom Kardish

Schools Commitee Chair

Each year members of our Schools Committee evaluate applicants to Harvard College from the Philadelphia area. Alumni/ae of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges as well as alumni/ae of Harvard University graduate schools who know the College well may participate in Schools Committee work. We value alumni/ae who have enthusiasm both for their Cambridge experiences and for working with prospective students, their families and schools.


If you are interested in being an interviewer, email