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Board of Directors, 2016-17


Maureen Austin, AB ’83, MBA ’92
Lirui Li, AB '08
Vice-President / President-Elect
Melanie Sheerr, AB '00
Lauren Hirshon, AB '03
Rebecca Anderson, AB ’88
Programs Committee Chair
​David Lazarus, AB ’89
Program Commitee
Luke McLoughlin, AB ’00
Program Committee
Art Goldman, AB ’86
Membership Committee Chair

Mary Beth Gray, AB ’88
Membership Committee
Thomas Kardish, AB ’83
Schools Committee Co-Chair

Ralph Mariani, AB ’70
Schools Committee C0-Chair

Jenna McNeill, AB ’95
Nominating Committee

David Chen, MAR ’99, MAUD ’99
HAA Director



To contact one of the board members, please email