Planning and Pacing a 100-Year Life

We’re all familiar with the rat-race model of life:awc-1

  • 0-22: school

  • 22-60: work unceasingly for wealth and prestige

  • 60+: hit the brakes, retire, and die

But is life really this predictable? And is this path truly fulfilling?

Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow, CEO, and gender-balance consultant Avivah Wittenberg-Cox draws on her immense experience to suggest an alternative. Human lifespans are only increasing, and, with them, the flexibility to balance personal and professional success throughout our lifetimes.

Join Avivah for a three-part intergenerational dialogue on rejecting the rat race and approaching every season of life with openness and joy. On 2/8, 2/15, and 2/22* from 6-7pm, learn how to pace your life and why you’re never too young or old to reinvent yourself. 


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* This series consists of three sessions: the first for college students, the second for their parents and adults in the Harvard community, and the third for both groups. Join us for one or both of your targeted sessions. 


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