Joining & Serving on Boards 

Being a successful board member helps build leadership and teamworking skills, and can enhance one’s career during full-time employment, as well as prepare for increased board roles after full-time employment ends. Our program will cover what boards do, how to be a successful board member, and how to pursue board roles. 


Howard Brownstein ( JD/MBA '75) is nationally recognized as a turnaround and crisis management professional, and as President and CEO of The Brownstein Corporation, he provides turnaround management and advisory services to companies and their stakeholders. He also provides investment banking and fiduciary services, litigation consulting, investigations and valuations services. With over 25 years of experience, Brownstein has held partnerships and/or senior executive roles in turnaround management firms, where he was responsible for transactional activities, marketing, and business development, in addition to leading turnaround assignments. He regularly serves on a number of boards as a member, chair and committee leader, and has been named a Board Leadership Fellow by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). 


Date: Thursday, March 11, 2021hbb-headshot

Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm - Eastern time


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Event Organizer: Harvard Club of Philadelphia





5:30PM - 6:30PM Thu 11 Mar 2021, Eastern timezone


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Katherine Warriner
Mary Sales
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Nancy Potts
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Jean Villars
David Cybulski
G. Roben
Shahrzad Sabet-Esfahani
Davoren Chick
Christian Schumann
David Roth
Anita Raghuwanshi
Sung Min Oh
Mohammed Toure
Rose DiSanto
Ivanhoe Smith
Nancy-Beth Sheerr
Nancy-Beth Sheerr
Gail Chavis
Belinda Micu
Jason Rosencranz
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Brandi Waters
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Nancy Arnosti
Robert Mauch
Warren Ayres
Mary Claire Dale
Lindsey Cameron
Christopher Piros
Blazej Kesy
Jean Villars
Christopher Ciatto
David Kim
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Aimerie Scherluebbe
Ashish Rege
Allison Bromley
Michael Robinson
Harold Atkins
Dev Chanchani
Fred Wright
Mercedes Padrino
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Richard Dashefsky
Aretha Marshall
Peter Di Carlo
Eric Greenhut
Lauren Ouziel
Alex Martin
Lawrence Duke
Brian Gordon
Robert Specht
Michael Lee
Jeremy Tobacman
Ehab Goldstein
Michael Lee
Alissa Lurie
Claire Burke
Allison La Fave
Ellen Jantzen
Patrick Davish
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Frank Pacheco
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Gilda Sedgh
Sheldon Watts
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Matthew Hillis
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Harry Douglas
Andrew Paris
Robert Glassman
Roxolana Horbowyj
Gittel Hilibrand
Joseph Sena
Jacqueline McNair
Lori Salkin
Lee Hanuschak
Ramy Mahmoud
Christine Reuther
  Delaware County Council
Sara Armstrong
Deborah Lisker
Laura Stern
Joseph Wells
Jeanne Rentezelas
Donald Harting
Amanda Abrams
James Youakim
Maureen Adams
John Bracaglia
Charlie Ford
Mobolaji Olurinde
Dimitris Agrafiotis
Michael Escott
Nancy Freudenthal
Michelle Linder-Coates
Amy Caruso
Debra D'Arcangelo
Guest of Debra D'Arcangel
Guest of Debra D'Arcangel
Alaina Minor Harper
Sara Selverian
Gwendolyn Gordon
Luke McLoughlin
Karl Miller
Jasmin Sethi
Elizabeth Cardona
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Tom McCoy
Don Rosini
Michael Welch
William Foster
Alexandra Was
Heath Davis
  Temple University
Stephen Zipf
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Meenakshi Bewtra
Austin So
Claudine Gartenberg
Sheryl Smith
Heidi Kirsch
James Affleck
Michael Hwang
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Phyllis Salzman
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Amara Konneh
Leon Rosenberg
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Genevieve Pham-Kanter
Lydia Allen-Berry
Varghese Thomas
John Callaway
Michelle Kelly
David Othmer
Howard Brownstein
Leona Brenner-Gati
Gittel Hilibrand
Carol Clarke
Melanie Sheerr
Shane Campbell
Dulcine Zdunski
Gregor Hanuschak
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